During your career in the Armed Forces, you will have developed core skills that the Insurance industry values.  These will include integrity, loyalty, respect for others, mental agility and a sense of responsibility.

You may also have developed specific competences, depending on your role.  These might include leadership credentials, technical skills, analytics, project management or experience of persuading and influencing.

The insurance sector has a range of roles available and there is almost certainly something that will match your core and functional skill sets.

Roles in the insurance market include:

  • Account Executive – a relationship manager who helps the client access the appropriate expertise
  • Direct Broker – an expert in a particular line of business, with significant access to the client, but also involved in the insurance transaction
  • Risk Consultant – working with a client to understand their risk exposure, and to support the broker in transferring the appropriate risks
  • Project Manager – working to support specific projects that might be related to process, technology or people
  • Operations Manager – coordinating the activity of the client facing and technical teams, to ensure that targets are met
  • Underwriter – considering the various risk factors to price the risk
  • Analyst – collecting, analysing and communicating risk data to clients, brokers or underwriters
  • Modeller – taking client information, risk data and financial metrics and producing actionable insights for senior leaders